Genext Nutrition has many wholesale customers all over US and other countries.

In order to assure that you have a good service and to make sure we do not have scammers buying from us and asking for a refund we changed our polices.

Orders with more than 5 bottles will have to be checked by our managers to see if it is a real order and only accepting a wire transfer to our bank account in order to ship the products. 

We serviced very good retail and wholesale customers that are loyal to our business for over 10 years. 

For International orders please read the information for that type of orders. 

If you have any questions please contact us: 

BY EMAIL: Contact@shopgenext.com

BY TELEPHONE: 855-436-3981

We have USPS as the standard way to ship your products nationally and internationally.

Shipping hours and information:

National Shipping 

Ex: you place your order today before 12:00 pm it will be shipped today.

You place your order 12:30 pm today, your order will be shipped tomorrow afternoon. 

We have a flat rate for your orders, we pay part of your shipping despite the size of the order as a collaboration for our customers. It can't be changed at any time. 

All orders made today will be shipped tomorrow afternoon. 

All Express Orders will be delivered in 1-2 business days, except if you order on Friday as it won't be delivered on Saturday. Post Office doesn't work on Saturdays in many areas of the United States. If you do an Express Order on Thursday after lunch, your order will be shipped on Friday and it won't be delivered on time on Saturday. If the post office works in your area on Saturday you will receive your order, otherwise, an Express Order made on Thursday afternoon won't be delivered on time. 

International Shipping 

International shipping will be charged in accordance with the weight of your order.

The international order has importation taxes in your country, we don't pay importation taxes, we recommend you to check your rights and duties when you order products internationally. Some of the ingredients may not be accepted in your country. We recommend you to check the laws of your country regarding the supplements you are ordering from Genext Nutrition Inc. 

We are not responsible for international orders not delivered as it is not under our control. USPS controls the shipment until it leaves the United States border then your country post office will take over and make sure it is delivered to you.