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  • WHO WE ARE: We develop and produce professional-quality dietary supplements. Doctors and detox programs use many of these as part of programs to taper off drugs and medicine. 
  • QUALITY MANUFACTURING: We make our products in a modern manufacturing laboratory that follows the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements. This includes complete and thorough inspection and validation of any raw material. Our system of manufacturing is centered on quality, with numerous quality control checks during production. This guarantees a standard product of uniform quality. What you see on the product label is what you will find inside the bottle. 
  • WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: We believe that psychiatric medication is being abused. These drugs are often more addictive than street drugs; their side effects more severe. A person coming off a psychiatric medication is under tremendous stress. Often the only help available to alleviate the withdrawal effects is good nutrition. We make high-potency products for that purpose, stronger than what you usually find in a webshop or health food store, always with the key ingredients in dosages that have proven effective in clinical studies. Because they are effective when coming off psychiatric drugs, they can also help with feelings that make a person start taking such drugs in the first place. We hope that many will use our products for that purpose.
  • WHERE WE ARE: Our company address is 2141 Logan Street in Clearwater, Florida. We have been in business at this same location since 2008, first under the name TRB Health and now as Genext Nutrition. If you are ever in the area, we invite you for a tour of our lab. 
  • HOW TO CONTACT US: contact@shopgenext.com or call 855-436-3981 Mon - Fri 8:30 -5:00 EST.
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