"I am in my fifties and have menopause symptoms (hot flashes and interrupted sleep). I want to share this experience with Genext as I think it can help others:

After I took one capsule of Omega Plus and 2 capsules of StayAsleep and 2 FallAsleep melts at night , I slept the whole night nonstop for 8 hours!

What a relief to discover what helps me sleep through the whole night.

I also tried Femlife. 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules at dinner time has reduced my hot flashes! Thank you so much!" MM, Tampa, Florida


“I have been wanting to share my testimony but have not because I am not totally off my meds yet. However I am down to 1 mg of Celexa compared to 20 mg so I am going to give it anyway. I started the pre-taper May of 2010 with success. I then tried to really taper with just cutting off some of the medication in little bits (do not do this it doesn’t work at all.) So I found a pharmacy close by and asked my doctor if he would prescribe a 5mg and a 1mg. He allowed this and you can’t do this without a prescription so I was very thankful. I had tried to go off Celexa about 5 times without success and with many withdrawal effects so when this started working I started to have hope. The Dr’s said I would have to be on this for the rest of my life. I refused to believe this so I prayed and asked God to help me get off of this and that day I found TRB Health. I have had many ups and downs and almost gave up a couple times especially in the beginning. These medications have such a strong hold on your body in fact they consume your body and the body does not want to give it up. I originally got on this drug not for depression but for anxiety, sleepless nights, stomach problems, and panic attacks. I was 29 when I went on the meds I am 36 now. I take Keep Calm, Keep Calm Supreme, Biotin, E Supreme. I think that soon I will be able to get off completely but I am having a bit of a hard time getting off this last 1mg. I have done the journal and done the program exactly like they tell you. It is such a blessing to feel almost free of this drug. Even at 1 mg I feel great and so much better that I have. I hope that I will help people to stay committed and just keep on there is light at the end of the tunnel with this program. God Bless." -C.M.


"I would not have been able to get off Lexapro without your products. I tried twice by myself and the side effects were just too horrible, especially the head zaps. It was only with the Omega 3 formula, that I succeeded. I had been on Lexapro for 4 years. I don't have to explain to you the road to hell that began with taking it (I am a strictly anti-medication person but the doctor pushed and pushed and told me that Lexapro was what I needed and that is was so harmless he would give it to his mother!)..." - E.K.


"I was able to get off Effexor, after 8 years of taking it, by using your products... I continue to take the Nerve Formula so that I remain depression-free. When I stopped taking them for a bit, my depression returned, but with them, I don't experience depression and I feel great and have none of the side-effects of Effexor. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful products. They have enabled me to get my life and my health back!" - L.K.


"I was on Lexapro for 8 years with 3 failed attempts to come off of the medication. With the help of the program, Nerve Formula, Omega 3 fish oil and some other supplements I was able to quit the drug once and for all. I am off for about 8 weeks and even though I am not 100% it is much better to be off the drug than on it." - J.E.


"I just want to let people know that this program works. I was put on anti-depressants (Prozac) and was taking 40mg a day for almost 11 years. I went to see my Doctor to ask him for alternatives and he informed me that I was stuck on this medication for the rest of my life.


Frustrated I started an internet search and came across your website. I did the program and I admit there were moments when I felt terrible and thought about going back to the drugs. The odd thing is the drugs make you feel nothing, no pain, no issues, when I started taking less I had so many feelings it was hard to work with it all. I cried a lot more and I was upset with things, but I learned that crying and being upset is part of life. I now have been drug free for a year and I'm still a little excitable, or a bit more upset than the average person, but I'm happier, I feel more joy, and I feel such pride when I am asked 'Are you on any medication' and I am able to say no.


P.S. I still take my vitamins today, and now my husband is taking them too! He feels more alive and full of energy with the vitamins." - E.M.


"I wanted to tell you that Keep Calm is great. I used to use Benedril if I was having trouble sleeping but Keep Calm is better. l have told quite a few of my friends about it." - C.L.


"The health benefits of your superior products do far more than help taper off of psychiatric medication!" - M.G.


"You are the easiest company to order from. Thank you for such a customer friendly order form. I often order something that I may have put off, if it were more cumbersome. I just ordered your new product and it took me 1 minute and 8 seconds! Thank you!" -E.K.


"About 4 years ago, I bought the Cold Turkey package recommended by a tapering program for close to $400.00, hoping for relief from acute, unbearable anxiety caused by a neuro-chemical imbalance, a side effect from amlodipine, a high blood pressure med. Instead, I got worse, didn't know where to turn. I was desperate. Then, when TRB Health started making Keep Calm and Keep Calm Supreme, I ordered them and noticed an improvement, but I was hardly better or healed. However, shortly after taking my first dose of the newly released RelaxDay, everything changed. Dramatically so. It was as if a door opened up and the whole world looked the way it used to look before I got sick. I felt like my long lost self again. I was beaming, and suddenly singing like I used to. The recovery was so startling, I was literally dumbfounded. For me it was "a miracle cure" experienced by "Tommy" of the Who's Rock Opera. ;'D (smiles). Nothing I had taken worked like this for me, and I had taken everything. Now, I no longer need the half dose of Zanax to mitigate the horrors of virtually every late morning and early afternoon; it had all gone away. It is my greatest hope that anyone still suffering would have the relief and success I enjoy with RelaxDay. Again, for me—a miracle cure. Here's wishing you'll have one, too." - M.D.


"...the products did assist with getting me over the side effects I was experiencing after coming off the psychiatric drugs. I'm not longer on any medication. However, the Omega 3 product I was on made me feel so good that I've continued to incorporate that into my daily regimen. I feel very healthy and am grateful your products were available to help me though that awful period of time. Thanks." - B.R.


"Your products were a great help to me as I tapered off my antidepressants. I was having so much trouble with the brain zaps until I started taking the E Supreme. The zaps stopped within about 3 days. A huge relief. The overall effect of taking the products was beneficial to the max. Because of that I went on to taper off all my medications except the thyroid one. Gradually my symptoms of fibromyalgia diminished. Today I feel very little pain and can lead a fairly normal life. I am up all day and seldom go back to bed due to pain and weakness. I highly recommend your program and products. The support on the phone also. Thank you for your help and commitment to improve the lives of people with debilitating pain. If I can help in any way please feel free to call me or email. God in heaven bless people like you." - M.M.


"I have been Klonopin free now for 3 years. It was a horrible struggle but with the supplements that I used from TRB Health, I was able to greatly minimize the withdrawal effects. I was on Klonopin for 27 years prescribed by my doctor, who never told me that this was a drug to be used for short term therapy only. I started with 1 milligram a day and eventually through the years had to increase the dose to 3 miligrams a day due to the physical discomfort of not having that drug in my body- that's equivalent to almost 30 milligrams of Valium daily. I was always tired and sleepy. I had tried several times previously to taper off on my own but I couldn't do it. I trembled, had trouble falling and staying asleep and had a loss of appetite. I eventually found a forum online for persons who wanted to quit prescription drugs and live a clean and healthy life. One person suggested TRB Health as a good resource. I purchased several products to help me start the taper process. It took me 8 months to finally become Klonopin free. I tapered by 1/4 milligram every 3 to 5 weeks. The biggest challenge was falling and staying asleep. The tart cherry products helped with that. There were times that I became scared that I would not be able to stop the Klonopin and I feared that I would have to take it for the rest of my life. My life now is so much better. I have read that it could take several years for your body and mind to fully recover from this terrible drug. Each day for me now gets a little bit better. I have so much more energy and I think clearly. The staff at TRB Health were very helpful in my recovery. I would recommend TRB Health as a vital resource for anyone tapering from prescription drugs." - M.A.