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CALMAG SUPREME Natural Sleep Aid Calming and Soothing Day & Night

CALMAG SUPREME Natural Sleep Aid Calming and Soothing Day & Night

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 CALMAG SUPREME makes a great beverage to help you relax. You can use it as a ready-for-bedtime drink. You can also use it during the day. Drink it in the morning or prepare a bottle to sip throughout the day. It is virtually tasteless, so it mixes well with juice or herbal tea. It is also a natural sleep aid for elderly and kids. 

CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM: Your nerves need calcium to work smoothly. Magnesium is even more important—patients suffering from severe anxiety were found to have abnormally low magnesium levels in the brain and nervous system. CALMAG SUPREME contains pre-activated calcium and magnesium that the body can use rapidly. As you prepare the beverage, the minerals ionize (break down to their elemental forms). You can see this happening when the liquid begins to fizz and then become clear. 

L-THEANINE: Brain waves displayed on an EEG are smoother after taking theanine. It relaxes the body without making it drowsy, which is why you can take theanine also during the day. At night, theanine calms your body so you can fall asleep more easily. It also helps give you a deeper sleep. Theanine is an anti-stress amino acid: It balances the body’s glucocorticoid hormones. These are increased by stress, and are a target for antidepressants because they influence neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Keeping glucocorticoids in balance is very important to feel calm and relaxed.  Theanine exists naturlly in green tea, which is why many feel so relaxed after drinking it. With one serving of CALMAG SUPREME, you get as much theanine as in four cups of green tea.

VITAMIN D3: Studies show that the body’s levels of vitamin D directly reflect in mood and neurological health. D3 is also good for cognitive function. Those with higher levels scored significantly better on a mental function test.


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