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B6 • B12 • FOLATE Methyl Folate Methyl B12 Energy Clarity

B6 • B12 • FOLATE Methyl Folate Methyl B12 Energy Clarity

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B6•B12•FOLATE - Ultimate Nervous System Support

Achieve calm, mental clarity, and fast absorption with our advanced formula:

Calms and Relaxes: Boosts GABA levels to reduce anxiety.
Mental Focus and Clarity: Enhances neurotransmitter production for sharp mental performance.
Healthy Neurotransmission: Supports serotonin and dopamine levels for mood and cognitive function.
Methyl Folate: The active form of folate, crucial for serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine production.

Methyl B12: Pre-methylated for immediate absorption, vital for serotonin synthesis.

B6 P5P: The active form of vitamin B6, essential for calming neurotransmitter GABA.

Based on a 2009 medical study, our formula uses higher doses for quicker results, promoting overall well-being and reducing anxiety without the risks of addictive drugs.


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